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Our high quality, personalized service, and attention have us a leader in our field.

Why Choose Us

Taking Samples


At ATS Labs, we provide COVID-19 testing and partner with full service clinical toxicology testing laboratories. ATS Labs offers results in a variety of reporting methods to make the information easily accessible to the physician/patient in a timely manner.


Safe & Reliable Testing

Along with rapid results we ensure safety and reliability are of utmost importance.


We Can Come to You

Short on time or need group format testing? We can come to you. Our concierge team is available 7 days a week.

About Us

ATS Labs partners with full-service, high complexity laboratories to provide the highest quality results and a wide range of tests performed by experts in their various fields. Our high quality, personalized service, and attention have us a leader in our field.

Schedule On-Site Testing for your Business

Contact us to discuss how we can provide a structured on-site testing plan that suits your companies needs

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Crowd with Masks

No insurance?

out-of-pocket cost available 

Molecular lab test PCR (Nasal & Saliva)

The most accurate test available

  • Results typically taks 1-2 days

  • Required for most travel 

Rapid-result test

Reliable for people who are recently infected or with symptoms. 

  • Results within hours

  • Not accepted for all purposes, so be sure to check with venue, destination or airline

Schedule a visit

Fill out the registration form

Get Ready

Bring insurance card and proof of identity if you have them, as well as test confirmation email or text message. Be sure to have your mobile phone in case we need to reach you.

Take the test

Upon arrival, follow instructions posted at the site. Testing methods and turnaround times will vary by location.

Access your results

We’ll text you a secure link to view and download your results for 5 days

How It Works

Healthcare Professionals Portal

ATS Labs truly understands the importance of healthcare professionals place on the care of your patients.

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